Whatever the event, a delicious coffee and a slice of home made cake is a sure fire way to keep the crowds happy and fuelled up for the day.

We've popped up at all sorts of fabulous events, including village fairs, school events, sports meetings and weddings. Serving our artisan roasted coffee, roasted in small batches by our supplier in Winchester, we ensure that our coffee always hits the spot. 

We also provide a wide selection of seasonal cakes and bakes, as well as savoury offerings such as sausage rolls and halloumi quiche, all home made in the hobo kitchen.

We always offer gluten free and dairy free options; our gluten free triple chocolate brownies have a bit of a cult following! If you need something specific for your event, get in touch and we'll happily accommodate your needs.


The Hobo Co is fully mobile and independent - we don't require access to mains water, drainage or electricity which means we can go any where the fun is, even in the middle of a field! 

In addition to our cakes and bakes, we can offer our hearty soups on a chilly day.

Whatever the weather, we will pop up a fully functioning cafe with all the comforts you might require.

We offer a selection of gazebos and sun awnings, where customers can sit and relax at our bistro tables.  We've always got plenty of blankets to wrap around if it gets chilly, or to fling out on the ground to bask in the glorious sunshine (however briefly!).

For larger events, we can supply straw bales for extra seating as well as rustic pallet coffee tables so that everyone has a place to perch and enjoy their coffee and cakes.